Why You Should Start Drinking Matcha if You Aren’t Already!

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Matcha has so many health benefits, I almost didn’t believe it considering how yummy it tastes! It’s a win, win! Here are some of the many benefits of matcha! – It’s packed with antioxidants – Boosts metabolism & helps your body burn calories – Detoxifies your body effectively & naturally -Calms the mind & relaxes your body -It’s rich in … Read More

My Current Favorite Book, It’s a Must Read!

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For one I am not a huge bookworm, but when it comes to books about spirituality, health, fitness, cooking, baking, and creating your own natural beauty products you can count me in! Haha. My current favorite book that I have been obsessed with for the past couple of days is Between Two Worlds: Lessons From the Other Side by Tyler … Read More

The Best Advice

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I am a true believer in “fate.” I believe that everything happens for a reason. Good and bad things. When bad things happen to us or people in our lives it’s hard to make sense of it all in that exact moment. I have been there, many times, but within days, weeks, months, or even years later I will look … Read More