Does Drinking Coffee Help You Live Longer?

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CBS News Article: Could Drinking Coffee Help You Live Longer? I reached for my laptop the moment I read the article “Could drinking coffee help you live longer?” done by CBS News! Why? Because I love coffee, and drink it every single day! I’m sure almost everyone reading this can relate! Yes, I drink coffee to give me that extra … Read More

Why You Should Start Drinking Matcha if You Aren’t Already!

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Matcha has so many health benefits, I almost didn’t believe it considering how yummy it tastes! It’s a win, win! Here are some of the many benefits of matcha! – It’s packed with antioxidants – Boosts metabolism & helps your body burn calories – Detoxifies your body effectively & naturally -Calms the mind & relaxes your body -It’s rich in … Read More

Why I Stopped Drinking Soy Milk!

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I hate that I had to stop drinking soy milk. Almost every morning I would order myself a hot grande soy latte from Starbucks! A grande size contains 16 oz. of soy milk, so if I drank a soy latte 3 days a week that would mean I would be drinking 48 oz. of soy milk a week. So, if … Read More

Health Benefits You Get From Eating B A N A N A S !

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B A N A N A S! Am I the only one who learned how to spell “bananas” by Gwen Stefani??? Haha, too funny! I am actually laughing at my own joke right now! Anyways today I am going to be telling you about all of the health benefits bananas have! They are actually really good for you! My favorite … Read More