“Hair Dusting”: How to get rid of split ends without losing length

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I know I am not the only one who cannot stand split ends! They drive me bananas, up a wall, and completely insane! I have extra long hair, and a lot of it. I honestly don’t cut my hair that often, and it grows like a weed! But, since I don’t get trims every 4-8 weeks like I should, the split ends that I do have, have become worse and more damaged. I follow a guy named Sal Salcedo, a hair stylist on instagram. One day he posted a short video of him doing what you call “hair dusting” on one of his clients. It’s a technique that removes split ends, but without taking off length. This technique helps the hair strand become healthy by removing what is not healthy. This allows for growth and it helps stop further breakage. Although I would love to get my hair “dusted” by him personally, his prices are very high. So, what I did was I called around to hair salons locally in Oceanside and Carlsbad and asked them if they knew what “hair dusting” was and if they do it on their clients. The fourth place I called (Split Ends) knew what the technique was. My hair dresser, Dana, told me it is also called the “surfer’s haircut” because surfer’s hair is so damaged from being out in the sun all day, they have to constantly trim their split ends. The “dusting” only took about 15-20 minutes! I was so shocked when Dana was done. I literally asked her, “that’s it?” She laughed and said yes. The dust only cost me $15 dollars and I didn’t even have to cut any of my length off. I AM OBSESSED with this new technique guys! Dana told me that I should get it dusted every three months to keep the dead ends off. This “hair dusting” technique is totally affordable, and low maintenance, and I highly recommend it if you are someone who has a lot of split ends, but wants to keep your length that you took time growing out!

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